Our Philosophy:

We believe in the following aspects which make our programs successful:

1) Maximum of 4 students per coach.

2) Coaches constantly update qualifications and gain new ones.

3) Each player, parent and spectator are treated with the respect they deserve.

4) Players are taught all aspects of the game including sportsmanship.

5) Skills are retained for life.

Our Mission:

We aim to supply top quality coaching services across the board, aimed at bringing the best out in everyone. Vicky’s personal goal is to supply every child the opportunity to keep progressing through the sport. Lessons which are fun, enjoyable and challenging. As a young player Vicky experienced slack coaches, unorganized lessons, and it was only her love for the sport that made her continue with the sport. Vicky has always wondered ‘how many other children in her situation simply gave up because of their coach or no challenge?’ From experiencing this personally as a child Vicky has always strived through Slamin to give every child simply the opportunity to perform!


Wet weather/ Extreme Heat Policy

No Lessons in the event of excessive rain or heat:

Should there be excessive rain or excessive heat a decision will be made by Slamin to cancel the lesson on that particular day. The status of the lesson can be determine by calling the Slamin mobile number where an updated recorded message will inform you of the lesson status. This message will be recorded 20 minutes prior to the start time of the lesson. It is your responsibility to call the mobile to check the status of the lesson. If you simply elect to not show up, then the lesson is forfeited and replacement classes cannot be offered.

Lesson’s started and interrupted by rain or heat:

Should rain/heat interrupt a lesson which has already commenced then the remainder of that lesson will be run inside. The inside activities will develop tennis specific fitness components, as well as education children on other aspects of the game, such as rules, match preparation, tournament rules, correct match attire, match etiquette. If you elect to simply leave and not complete the indoor section of the lesson, then you forfeit the lesson and no replacement class will be offered.

Replacement class for cancelled lesson due to excessive rain or heat:

If your child’s lesson is cancelled due to excessive rain or heat a replacement class is offered. An e-mail detailing the replacement class cancelled due to weather will be e-mailed out with 7-14 working days. If you elect to not make up lessons cancelled due to excessive rain or heat then this is your choice, but no credits will be offered. Please note: All replacement classes for rain or heat are held at Doncaster Tennis Club.

Replacement class for individual student absence’s:

If you child individually misses a lesson due to camp, illness or so forth, limited replacement classes are offered each week. To book a place you are required to call the mobile (0403 129 648), on a Monday between 2:00-3:00pm. This is a FREE service we offer, so we do ask you to respect the fact we are providing this service, FREE of charge for the session YOUR child missed, and is avoiding YOU wasting money on missed sessions. There is NO EXPIRY on replacements class, as it may take a couple weeks to find a day and time that suits you, for your child to replace their missed session. In fairness to everyone, and our business policy of a guaranteed maximum of (4) students per group, replacement classes cannot be guaranteed, it is simply what is available week to week. After 3pm on Monday, no replacement classes are available for that week.*

* This service is NOT available on public Holiday’s or in School Holidays.

Group structure:

A lot of thought goes into our lesson plans, as does our group structure. We have achieved enormous success through the following method:

A Group of Four players:

Player A – Is the strongest in the group if they played against the others they would win.

Player B & C – are equal standard, and are in the middle of the group.

Player D – Is the weakest of the group. They can still rally and compete against the other players, but in  matches most often loses.

Our theory behind this is simple:

Player A spends a term being the best in group, building confidence and self esteem, because in the next term they will move up and take Player D’s position in another group. We find with a term of being the strongest in the group, and then moving to the weaker position in another group, the self confidence established from the term before, allows the player to rise up to the challenge.

Player B & C comfortably keep improving their game, they have someone better to compete against, and in the next term move up and take Player A’s position in another group. Taking Player A’s position prepares them for the next move.

Player D has just finished a term in Player A’s position the strongest in the group. Therefore their confidence is high, and they step up to challenge of the better players.

We must remember “we are only as good as the people we work with” however that is difficult for our children to see. If a child is always challenged and doesn’t get a chance to experience the success of their hard work, enthusiasm drys up. Physically being ready for a challenge is one thing, but being emotionally ready is another. We care about the overall development of our players, that is why your child will be progressed through our programs according to the group structure outlined above.

A perfect example of this would be a grade 6 students moving into year 7. They would have more success at school if they were the the strongest in the group at tennis for one term, then moved to Player D’s position in the next term. The detrimental effects of moving into Year 7 at the same time as moving to Player D’s position in the tennis group at the same time is obvious.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or where they are in the group please call the office. Likewise if you believe their is a personality clash with another student or coach please call us. Like we say to children ‘ you can’t like everyone, but you can get along and be polite.’ Personality clashes happen at school and in the work place, if this happens in your tennis group, please give us the opportunity to change the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, please read through before calling the office as the answer to your question may be right her.

We are leaving the term early for holidays, how does this work?

If leaving early in the term for holidays a pro rata payment is not applicable but replacement classes can be offered to replace any classes that will be missed. The more notice we are given, the more opportunity we have of arranging replacement classes.

We forgot to attend, or something came up at the last minute and we couldn’t attend?

Replacement classes will be offered when they are available. When late notice occurs or no notice occurs it simply means just waiting a little longer for that replacement class to become available. Sometimes this does take into the next term to make happen. To book a replacement class please call the office on a Monday between 1:00-2:00pm to check availability for the week ahead.

  What about lessons missed due to school camp?

School camps occur once each calendar year, and most children attend these. The date for school terms are set well in advance therefore simply we ask all parents to kindly inform the office early enough for another child to take the place. In these circumstances we offer a replacement class in the way of a double lesson when the child returns the following week. Please check availability first, by calling the office on a Monday between 1:00-2:00pm

My child has broken their arm, leg, finger etc?

Common sense is the best approach here, please call the office and speak to Dawn or Vicky to discuss this on a more personal level.