Research has shown that players combining tactical practice with solid technical foundations maximize performance. Squad training is aimed at those players who want an edge over opponents and take their solid foundations into winning matches.


Comprehensive Squad Training:
Tailored squad training to the player beginner yellow ball or junior club competition, or feeling stuck in your current competition grade, and wanting to develop skills to move to the next grade. Players are introduced to winning patterns of play, match tactics and optimizing physical conditioning.
Duration: 60 minutes – 4 players.


Advanced Squad Training:
Is for the serious player wanting to move from middle grade competition into pennant, senior competition or tournaments. Building on current foundations, advanced squad training focuses on bio mechanics, efficient footwork patterns, and a high intensity, high work rate for players wanting to be pushed to be the best they can be.

Sessions times: Weeknights, Saturday’s and Sundays.

Duration: 90 minute classes.

6-8 players


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High Performance Squad Training:
Is our highest level of squad training and is only open to players involved in pennant competition and/or regularly playing tournaments. These sessions develop the court performance of players when it matters. Areas of point play, stroke mechanics, fitness and nutrition are all developed with the most senior of coaches and fitness trainers.

Sessions times: Weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays.

Duration: 2 hours

Group Size: 8-10 players


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