Slamin Weekly Encouragement Awards

Encouragement Awards are awarded on a weekly basis throughout each school term. Awards are allocated within the following programs

Wilson peeWee Tennis lessons

Red MLC Hot Shots

Orange MLS Hot Shots

Green MLC Hot Shots

Yellow ball Junior Coaching

Term 4 2014 Winners

Week of Nov 24th

Abbey Stapleton – Orange Stage

Sienna Gagliardi – Orange Stage

Josh Lyons – Red Stage

Thomas Gunzberg – Red Stage

Madison Dalziel – Orange Stage

Week of Nov 17th

Amanda Chung – Orange Stage

Charlie Camilleri – Red Stage

Larissa Gu – Orange Stage

Dylan Tran – Red Stage

Erin De Rango – orange stage

Amani Angelopoulos – orange stage

Week of Nov 3rd

Oscar Nuske – Red Stage

Jackie Hong – Green Stage

Magnus Zhou – Orange Stage

Jake Alfredini – Orange Stage

Sienna Oxnam – Orange Stage

Abbey Dutch – Red Stage

Week of Oct 27th

Vrinda Dhir – Red Stage

Joe Feng – Green Stage

Connor Corbert – Red Stage

Ethan Khoe – Yellow Ball

Sara Karakasis – Yellow Ball

Haim Kaur – Orange Ball

Term 3 2014 Winners

Week of Sept 15th

Jemmabelle Ho – Orange Stage

Magnus Zhou – Orange Stage

Gino Xu – Green Stage

Asha Troth – Orange Stage

Edward Ma – Green Stage

Joe Hewitson – Red Stage

Week of Sept 8th

Brandan Wang – Green Stage

Silas Chan – Green Stage

Kohila Kuppan – Red Stage

Kaitlin Lin – Green Stage

Divya Dang – Orange Stage

Rishi Pandurang – Red Stage

Michael Ursteaga – Orange Stage

Week of Sept 1st

Michael Ursteaga – Orange Stage

Timi Ayonrinde – Green Stage

Liz Balanica – Green Stage

Lachlan Huang – Red Stage

Evelyn Wraith – Orange Stage

Dylan Siemon – Green Stage

Winners the week August 25th

Wilfred Mah – Orange Stage

Andrew Harrison – Orange Stage

Enzo Wei – Orange Stage

Niki Partovifar – Orange Stage

Matthew Williams – Green Stage

Hugo Yu – Yellow stage

Winners the week of August 11th

Liam Blower – Orange Ball

Emma Ireland – Orange Ball

Hector Wong – Orange Ball

Adam Smith – Red Ball

Alfred Lai – Green Ball

Alessio Ranalli – Yellow Ball

Winners the week of July 28th

Felix Douglas – Red Stage

Nell Tlozek – Red Stage

Madison Rhyce-Jones – Orange Stage

Chantelle Ghaly – Orange Stage

Tony Tragas – Green Stage

Alvin Fung – Squad Training


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