Hot Shots Inter Club League


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Term 2 2014 – ANZ Hot Shots league ladder and Draws: ANZ Hot Shots League T214 DRAW

Competition in more detail:

In house competition runs on Fridays and Saturdays and covers standard’s from beginner to inter-mediate and advanced players. Our competition is divided into the following formats:

Red Stage : 5-7 years

Orange Stage: 7-10 years

Green Stage: 10-12 years

Slamin Singles and Doubles Competition: Open Age (Dependent on standard)

Red Stage-MLC Hot Shots(5-7yrs)

The aim of Red Stage Competition is to build skills into a rally. At the core of this is practicing both “sending” and “receiving” skills. While this is hard for young children, by creating activities and challenges which are appropriate engages and encourages children. Rolling the ball along the ground, with or without racquets, throwing and catching, one player hitting with a racquet, whilst the other is catch and throwing are all activities completed in the Red Stage.

Activities and Challenges set-up in the Red Stage are Team based activities to avoid pressure on our young players, and focus more on the enjoyment of movement, discovery and self awareness.


Orange Stage – MLC Hots Shots Competition(7-10yrs)

The aim of Orange stage competition is to increase the pace and depth players are comfortable rallying with, direct the serve and direct the ball away from the opponent. During the Orange Stage Competition players will be introduced to basic tactic’s, starting with understanding the court, through the use of modified shapes, directions, and moving up the court. As an integral part of competition the serve and return will feature weekly.

Activities in the Orange Stage will be team and individually based to allow players time to adjust to performing in singles events, and to start to handle emotions on court.


Sam – Orange Comp #2    2012 Champion

Green Stage – MLC Hot Shots Competition (10yrs +)

The aim of Green competition is to increase awareness of court zones and targets, build attacking and defensive skills and use all these skills appropriately. Throughout Green Stage players will develop a greater tactical awareness, utilize spin, changing gears, tactic of opposing player and reading the play.

Activities in the Green Stage are both individual and team based, and their are elements of ‘luck’ to replicate the uncertainty in any match. (Wind, Sun, bad bounce etc)


Oscar – Green Comp #2 2012 Champ                              Divjot – Green Comp #3 2012 Champ  

Sam – Green Stage Comp #4 2012 Champion


How does it work?


Who is it for?

MLC Hot Shots is for all Australian Children wanting to further their tennis and enjoy playing the game.

Learning tennis which is instructional is like learning a language no one will ever use! Ultimately without using this language skills diminish and you will lose motivation to continue developing. This is why competition is VITAL to our children.