Competition Tennis


Tennis Hot Shots matchplay is the perfect way for kids to experience team tennis for the first time. There are two leagues that cater for players of different standards – the Orange Ball League and the Green Ball League.

Although we get hung up on the word “Competition,” what I mean is really just “Playing the game!”

Taking instructional tennis lessons and NOT playing competition is like learning a skill that no one will ever use!

Ultimately without using these tennis skills, your skills diminish and you will lose motivation to continue to develop.

Considering that, competitiveness comes in part from confidence (how a child feels) and this is in part is from perceived competence (How good they think they are).

A young player who feels confident to compete in his environment will seek the next level of challenge after a time and want to expand his/hers horizons.

HOWEVER, the player who does not experience a good competition environment or competition at all is likely to be reluctant to compete or be intimidated by the experience of travelling to a strange club and playing unknown opponents. WORSE STILL, if forced to, they may have a bad experience and lose some motivation to play the game.

There are three levels for you to choose from – red, orange and green stage.

Red Stage 

The red stage is for children cur renting take red stage technique lessons, and want to experience competition for the first time.

Orange Stage

The orange stage is aimed at children who are beginning to play the sport and have developed an understanding of tennis through Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or at school.

Green Stage

The green stage is aimed at children who have some experience in playing the sport and are participating regularly in  Tennis Hot Shots coaching, Community Play or tennis at school, or have progressed from an Orange Ball League.