TennisVic Mums Program


The Mums’ and Bubs Program is open to players of all standards – from absolute beginners through to those who have played tennis previously and would like to get back into the game. Conducted by qualified coaches in a non-competitive environment, the program focuses on the fun, fitness and health benefits of playing tennis.

Outline of the Mums’ Program

Conducted by Qualified Tennis Coaches, the Mums’ Program is great for health, fitness and fun and is an ideal way to meet and socialize with other mothers in your area. All tennis racquets and tennis balls are supplied.

Benefits of the Mums’ Program:

Improve your health, have fun and get fit

Meet and socialise with other mothers in your area

No need to find or pay for childcare to participate

Receive expert tennis coaching

You don’t have to purchase any equipment to participate

Become familiar with your local tennis club

Tiny Tots Program

This program is targeted at children aged between 2-5 years of age. The concept of the program is to allow mums to participate in the game of tennis without the burden of finding childcare. The program aims to develop fundamental motor skills such as hand eye coordination, balance, depth perception and reflexes. Mums must be participating in the Mums tennis program for their child to participate in the tiny tots program.

NEW MUMS (Tennis Victoria Mums Program – February):

If you are new to tennis or haven’t played for years and are returning, Tennis Victoria offers a 5 week funded Mums and Tiny Totts Program. This usually runs in February each year. We strongly recommend Mums to take advantage of this offer. This price is set by Tennis Victoria, but is estimated at $5.00 for Tiny Totts and $15.00 for Mums. You can also click of the Tennis Vic Mums program for further information.

Entry Form: Mums-Ladies Tennis Program ’14(Net)

Continuing Mums or starting after February?

We runs Mums and peeWee programs week days, with a maximum of 4 Mums per group, and 4 peeWee children. The cost is $15.50 for Mums and $15.50 for peeWee students ($31.00 Total). The term runs 10 weeks in the warmer months, and 9 weeks in the Winter to allow and extra week for rained out lessons to be caught up. We are flexible and are willing to try and fit into your schedule. Why not call us, for a FREE Try for your Mums group?

All peeWee students receive FREE:

1 x Wilson peeWee racquet

1 x Wilson peeWee Hat

1 x Tennis Australis t-shirt.