Private Coaching


Is one on one coaching with the coach, or semi private which is two players per coach. These session are for quick improvements that are tailored to the individual. Children as young as 4 years start right up to adults. It is the perfect start to the sport, or as an add on, or simply to fast track your progress.

What are the benefits?

  • Accelerate your progress

You have all the coaches attention so naturally good results are sure to follow.

  • Address a weakness

Is your second serve inconsistent? The backhand a bother? Maybe tennis elbow has started? Fix the weakness’ of your game and move past your opponents!

  • Learn a new shot

Always wanted to learn the kick serve? Or maybe just wanting to develop some consistency in the rally? Learn with the coach how best to achieve your goals.

  • Develop a weapon

Tennis is all about constructing points to use your weapon to finish it off. Let a Slamin coach identify your weapon and build on it.

  • Gain some confidence

It’s all very well to have good technique but unless we have confidence to go for our shots we can’t put it together. Private lessons gives you the confidence to have a go, whether that is social play, club competition or a winner down the line.

  • Spoil yourself

Give yourself a gift, spoil yourself with some private tuition because you deserve it!

  • How to book in?

To book in for a private lesson please call our office so the staff can book your requested day and time, as well as your desired coach.

  • What are the prices?

Prices of private lesson are more expense them group lessons as with group lesson the cost is shared amongst the four players. Private lesson prices are displayed on the enrolment form in the downloads section of the website.