Evelyn’s Club – Ladies & Gents 65 years plus

 – an adaptive tennis program for older Australian’s 


Join in the fun, friendship and health benefits of playing tennis, a specially designed program to cater for older Australia’s 65 years plus. Come and join in and become physically active, mentally engaged, and tackle mental health issues such as loneliness

Evelyn’s Club has several participation streams


Participation stream 1: regular technique lessons and social play at Doncaster Tennis Club held Friday’s 11:30am.

  • this is the perfect avenue for those wishing to return to the game or learn the sport for the first time, now in retirements and some extra time to enjoy the better things in life.
  • Bookings: simply contact Vicky directly on the details below or click this link to register online: https://www.trybooking.com/405894

m: 0403 129 648       or: email: vicky@slamin.com.au

Evelyn’s Club information flyer

Participation stream 2: “back in the game.”

  • is a modified tennis program using smaller courts, smaller racquets and larger balls to make playing tennis easier so everyone can participate. “Back in the game” can be played on any flat surface, and can be held at individual retirement homes, meaning travel to and from a tennis club is not required. All equipment including nets, racquets and balls are provided, for residents to simply get ‘back in the game.”

Participation stream 3: Evelyn’s “back in the game.”

  • not sure how someone less able, or physically restricted can play? There is absolutely no barrier to playing tennis regardless of age or ability. We have a variety of “seated” version of our program for all to be involved, including those who are deaf / hard of hearing, and those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Bookings for Participations streams 2 and 3 – please contact Vicky directly to discuss individual needs on the details above.

In memory of Evelyn:

An active and much-loved member of the Box Hill North Community, Evelyn was a big advocate for physical fitness over the age of 65 and led an active and full life until she passed away in 2015 aged 97. This program is in memory of and dedicated to Evelyn.