Adult Tennis Coaching Programs


The Slamin adult tennis coaching program is full of fun and action packed! These programs runs several nights per week, giving participants a good cardio work out at the same time as developing their tennis skills!

Don’t let the kids have all the fun!

Our coaches run the players through a series of skill developing training routines, whilst also being on hand to answer any questions relating to technique or strategy.

These sessions are ACTION PACKED (there is no standing around) and plenty of social fun and interaction. Many of our adult coaching players have arranged social practise hits between themselves, and some have moved on to playing club competition.

The emphasis of our adult coaching is on teaching you how and what to practice effectively through our array of partner and coach inter-active drills. This means you will be able to practise with maximum benefits with each other or a friend.

No experience is necessary many players start for the first time with us, and all equipment is supplied for free, there is no need to purchase a racket!

Coaches are easy to get along with, with great personality that represent Slamin, our Club and our community.


Please call our office to check availability, as we only allow 4 students per coach .