Our Programs

We offer three types of programs:

1. Mult-sports for 2.5 years to 5 years of age

The Multi-Sports program ‘Lil Slamers is designed specifically for pre school children designed to be their first positive experience with organised sport. Children develop vital fundamental motor skills which allow them to easily transition into their selected sport. For example and under-hand throw is a similar action to a forehand in tennis. By mastering the underarm throw prior to starting tennis lesson’s give the child the greater chance at succeeding at tennis. Sessions are conducted indoors as well as outdoors to cater for poor weather, to allow children to continue their learning week to week.

2. Tennis coaching from 3 years right through to adults and veterans.

Tennis is a skill which is retained for life, and assist’s children in all sports they play. Tennis coaching is available for children from 3 years of age via our Wilson peeWee tennis program, children progress through our Hot Shots program which is for children 12 years and under. Teenagers learn via our our junior coaching program, and progress into squad training and drills sessions should they desire. We also offer a full range of adult programs from beginner sessions, Mums and Tiny Totts sessions, Cardio Tennis and squad training. Private lessons and personal training is also offered to tailor programs to the individual needs of the player

Competition tennis is offered for those individuals ready to test their skills against other in the local area. We will recommend when you are ready to commence competition and you can select to start in our MLC Hot Shots Inter-League Competition against other students in lessons, and then progress into Club based competition. Tennis Victoria affiliated tournaments will be also recommended to those students wishing to compete against other students throughout Melbourne.

3. Personal Fitness Training.

Is available from our boutique private fitness studio located in Templestowe, a complimentary bottle of water is provided at every session. Fitness training is available from 14 years of age into adults. It is vital our teenagers learn correct technique before commencing to lift weight’s on their own. A personal trainer also provides the support and encouragement we all need at times to keep ourselves accountable and on track.