Before School and Lunch Time Lessons


Before school lesson are a fantastic way for busy parents to fit in a professional tennis lesson for their child. Also a great way to play in the coolest part of the day during the warmer months

Venue                           Day     Time  
Doncaster Gardens Primary Tuesday 7:45-8:30am
Doncaster Gardens Primary Tuesday 8:30-9:00am
Milgate Estate Wednesday 7:45-8:45am
Milgate Estate Thursday 7:45-8:45am
Our Lady of the Pines Primary Friday 8:00-8:45am
Doncaster Primary School Thursday 8:00-8:45am
Doncaster Primary School Tuesday 1:45-2:30pm
Doncaster Primary School Friday 8:00-8:45am
St. Gregory’s the Great Primary Monday-Friday 8:00-8:45am
St. Gregory’s the Great Primary Monday-Friday 1:10-1:55pm


All Slamin lessons have a maximum of (4) students per coach including lessons conducted at schools.

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How do they work?

Before school lesson At Doncaser Gardens run of the school’s basketball courts and at Doncaster Primary we use the gym. We use top quality Wilson portable nets, and lines to set up realistic tennis courts on the school facilities. This way students can enjoy a realistic tennis lesson in the school groups. All equipment is supplied all children need to do is simply turn up and be ready to play.

At McCubbin Terrace, St. Gregory’s The Great and Our Lady of The Pines Primary schools we use the existing tennis courts which are plexipave surface to run our lessons. These are official, full sized tennis courts.

What are the benefits of a before school program?

– Children learn a sporting activity rather then just attend before school care

– Children are taught by a qualified coach, using the latest equipment.

– Children are more attentive and ready to learn when schools starts.

– Mums and Dad’s can get off to work, or get the day started earlier.

Can anyone join?

Lessons at Doncaster Gardens, Doncaster Primary, and Our Lady of the Pines primary schools are for students who attend those schools respectively.

Lessons run at Milgate Estate are open to players from any school.


Isn’t it too early for the children?

Most children are up by 7:00am, and a tennis lesson before school is the perfect start to the day. We find children who participate in a sport before school are more attentive and ready to learn at 9am compared to fellow students who have not exercised before school.

I am a working Mum what happens if it rains?

All lessons go ahead regardless of rain, at each venue we have a wet weather solution all ready planned. This may involve using the gym or a class room to run the lesson. We understand many parents use the before school lesson instead of before school care, therefore a modified session will always be run.