7-10 yrs Orange Stage Hot Shots



The Hot Shots Orange Stage is a progression from the Red Stage, on our development program pathway. The Orange stage lessons are played over an increase court size, and increased net height, an a higher ball compression.

Tennis Hot Shots is Tennis Australia’s official kids’ starter program for children aged 10 and under. It involves three key components:

Key philosophy: Learning through play – serve, rally and score.

By using a system that includes implicit learning opportunities, players have fun and learn quickly and effectively without the need to halt all activity and revert to traditional explicit instruction-based coaching that means standing in line an being inactive for long periods.

This does not mean technical skills are not taught, but technical intervention helps players to perform the skills better when they try to play the game. Technique has a purpose – to help players perform the tactics of the game more effectively.

The Orange Stage:

Court Size: 8m x 18m (3/4 court)

Ball: Orange (50% compression)

Net Height: 80cm

Racquet:  23-25″

Appromiate Age: 7-10 years

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Group size: Maximum (4) per coach.



Skill Description
Locomotion Skills
  • React quickly and adapt movement patterns, including forward, backward, sideways.
  • Maintain balance while moving.
Body Control:
  • Perform different patterns and movements at the same time e.g: run, balance and hit.
  • Keep head still, coordinate arms and legs and maintain balance during dynamic movements.
  • Serve with balance and rhythmical service action.
  • Direct the serve into different areas of the service box by controlling the racquet face.
  • Modify speed and direction of the service return.
  • Return a variety of serves.
  • Judge the depth, direction, speed and spin of the ball effectively, arrive on balance and use a simple circular swing.
  • Move their opponent by changing the direction and speed of the ball.
  • Effectively use spin in a rally situation.
  • Begin to modify stance i.e: neutral to open stance in response to ball flight.
  • Regularly keep the ball in play for 10-16 shots when rallying with a partner from the orange baseline.
  • Rally cross court with a partner.
  • Approach the net at the appropriate time during a rally.
  • Control the racquet face during the volley and overhead to hit the ball into space.
Know the Game:
  • Keep score without the aid of a scoreboard.
  • Understand the main rules of the game e.g: foot fault, let, don’t touch the net.
  • Understand the basic tactics i.e: down the line and cross-court.
  • Understand personal strengths and areas of improvement.
  • List the four Grand Slams.
Love the Game:
  • Enjoy competition in a variety of formats e.g games in lessons, colour ball challenges, play with family and friends.
  • Work on improving a skill and trying to perform it better.
Great Sport:
  • Understand the concept of fair play.
  • Start to control emotions.
  • Call lines fairly and score clearly and honestly.

Upon reaching the above competencies the child will be awarded a Orange Certificate and will be invited to attend Green Stage Lessons and Challenge Events.