Children’s Tennis Lesson


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Tennis is the perfect first sport for children to learn, as well as the best sport to play for a lifetime. It is an important and logical consideration for parents to encourage children to select a first sport that will develop the greatest number of skills required by the greatest number of other sports and activities. The following explanation presents a very convincing argument by comparing several popular sports and the skills required to play them:

Throwing: Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, and Golf
Catching: Tennis, Baseball and basketball.
Striking: Tennis, baseball and golf.
Running & striking: Tennis, and soccer
Movement rhythm: Tennis, basketball and golf.
Three step-movement patterns: Tennis & soccer.
Aerobic: Tennis & soccer
Anaerobic: Tennis, baseball and basketball
Team building: Tennis, soccer, baseball and basketball.
Can this sport be played for a lifetime: Tennis & Golf.
Tennis ticks all the boxes for the best first sport and best sport for a lifetime!
Modified equipment, utilizing smaller racquets, lower nets, smaller court sizes, and slower balls allows children as young as three to start enjoying being active on a tennis court. Children progress up through the Red, Orange and Green stages of MLC Hot Shots, each stage increasing the modified equipment and faster balls, so children can experience and see their progression.


FREE Racquet – children 6 years & under

FREE  Hot Shots t-shirt for ALL children

TRIAL SESSIONS – available all year, simply call and book a spot as we have a maximum of (4) students per coach. Trial lessons are charged at the casual rate of $20 / 45 minutes.