Student Report Cards

Student report cards (Student competencies) will be issued at the conclusion of Term 1 and Term 3 each year. These report cards detail the individual  competencies of each student as they progress through each stage of learning.

We have different student competencies for each stage as follows:

Wilson peeWee

Red Stage 1

Red Stage 2

Red Stage 3

Orange Stage 1

Orange Stage 2



The aim of the student reports is to inform and teach parents about the stroke mechanics of tennis, and what areas their child needs to improve on. This reporting systems gives parents the vital information to be able practice with their child with purpose.

Vicky cannot physically teach every single child herself (Although she would love too!), so Vicky has created an Parent/Coach meeting process. the P/C meeting is usually conducted during the school holidays and is FREE of charge. Vicky is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of the sport, and wants parents to use this service to discuss the individual needs of the child concerned, and ask questions about how they can progress their child whether it be competition and tournament play, becoming a member of Doncaster Tennis Club, or even how to become a ball kid at the Australian Open!