How to Book

Enrolment Procedure:

To enroll your child or yourself in one of our programs we suggest you ring the office on: 0403 129 648. This way we can give you up to date availability of classes and recommend a class and coach to suit your needs.

1. Call our office on 0403 129 648 to reserve your desired day and time.

2. Download an enrollment form from the downloads section.

3. Fill in the enrollment form and send it back to us within 7 working days to secure your spot.

4. Upon receipt of your enrollment form, your are booked in and ready to commence lessons  on your allocated day and time.

Re – Enrollment Procedure:

In week 7 of the term a re-enrollment notice will be emailed to all students, the due date of fee’s for the coming term is always the second last Saturday of that term. To ensure you are enrolled for the following term on you elected day and time we recommend the following:

1. Full payment or a $40.00 deposit per class enrolled in paid by the due date.

2. No places will be confirmed until payment has been received.

3. Change of days and times will be permitted where available. We pride ourselves on ensuring we fit around busy parents and most often can accommodate several children of different ages at the same time!

4. All un-financial spots will be declared vacant and open for booking by other clients and new clients.

How to re-enroll your child:

1) Write a cheque to Slamin Tennis & Fitness. Pty.Ltd and hand to Vicky or Fiona in an envelope with your name on it or post to: PO Box 4068, Doncaster Heights. 3109

2) Place the exact cash payment in an envelope and hand to Vicky or Fiona ensuring your name is on the envelope.

3) Make a direct deposit payment, placing your child’s name in the description line.

4) Return your enrollment with the update of contact details, if they have changed.

Slamin’s re-enrollment requests:  

1. Cash payment to be the exact amount and handed in at the start of the lesson. Lessons cannot be distracted at the start of lessons by trying to find change. Receipts will be issues upon request.

2. Any questions or queries can be answered by ringing the office or mobile between 9am-2:00pm Monday to Friday. Outside these times we ask you to leave a message so we can return your call the next day. No coaches have their mobile on during lessons as they are coaching, similarly we ask you not to delay lesson’s by speaking with coaches when they are trying to conduct lessons. Please call between 9am and 2pm.

3. We ask parents to understand if you do not pay coaching fee’s by the due date, you risk losing your child’s place from the previous term.